OF COURSE! Two Ukrainian Sailors Captured at Kerch Revealed to Be SBU Intelligence Assets

The FSB has added completely new details to the case of when the Ukrainian Navy attempted to break through underneath the Crimean Bridge.

Dmitry Petrov's report on what it was and what we should prepare for.


The official report published by the Federal Security Service describes in detail what happened from November 24th to 26th in the Kerch Strait. It is given in detail of minute-by-minutes. Many facts are cited for the first time since the Ukrainian violators were detained. For example, the fact that the armored boats, the Nikopol and the Berdyansk, appeared in this story only at 2 a.m. on November 25th. The riverboats, having limited seaworthiness, contrary to rules, laid their course far from the coast. Now it's clear what they risked for.

Mikhail Shishov, FSB: "There are documents which were found aboard boats that confirm these actions. In particular, there's a checklist with clear tasks assigned to the servicemen. They were, first of all, to secretly approach the strait and to secretly pass through it regardless of the number of ships near the strait or in the harbor. All this combined confirms that the act was deliberate. Moreover, a hand-written document was seized which sets out the established procedure for passing the strait."

Our border guards repeatedly radioed the recommendations — "Register your passage!". It was addressed to the Yana Kapu, the Berdyansk, and the Nikopol.

Alexey Volsky, Coast Guard: "A reply was received from the crews of the Ukrainian Navy ships that they weren't planning to cross the state border and pass through the Kerch Strait. This fact was recorded".

This is crucial because this completely refutes what Kiev insists on — that the Ukrainian ships were going to pass through the strait due to the freedom of navigation. But this isn't true.

Alexey Volsky, Coast Guard: "166 ships were waiting. These awkward, I would say, professionally irresponsible actions on behalf of the crews, commanders, and leaders of the events posed a threat not only to the border ships. At one point, there were six warships of the Ukrainian Navy in the Kerch Strait. It could have very unpredictable circumstances".

Vice Admiral Volsky is referring to two additional vessels, which were sent from Berdyansk on November 25th to meet the group which was detained' in the Kerch Strait. Apparently, they were supposed to retake the Nikopol, Berdyansk, and Yana Kapu in an oncoming sea battle. By the time, at 7 a.m., it was already known they were headed to the provocation because all three had crossed the old maritime border of the Russian Federation which was there before the annexation of the Crimea. This place on the map is marked by a point to the right of the fairway at the entrance to the Kerch Strait.

Alexey Volsky, Coast Guard: "The crews of the Russian border ships noticed the Ukrainian Navy ships were brought up to combat readiness. The Ukrainians uncovered the cannons, the barrels were raised at an angle of 45 degrees and pointed towards the Russian ships".

It's scary to think what would've happened if they'd fired the cannons when there were so many large ships, bulk carriers, tankers, and gas carriers nearby. That's why the Russian border guards acted so decisively. In the safe zone, they fired warning shots, and only afterward fired for effect when the Ukrainian violators broke through the blockade and tried to escape to neutral waters. But even at that moment, the Russians tried to deal the least amount of damage as possible.

What happened next is known — the detained were arrested for two months. They were accused of illegally crossing the border in an organized group with the threat of the use of weapons. New interesting facts have been revealed.

Mikhail Shishov, FSB: "A resident of Donetsk contacted us and said that among the people interviewed he identified an SBU officer who was directly involved in his arrest and torture in the SBU unit in Berdyansk".

By the way, the FSB confirmed that two of those under arrest are SBU officers. But they didn't say who exactly, for security reasons. Most likely, this is why all the violators were transported to a detention facility in Moscow. They definitely can't be considered as prisoners of war because they're accused of committing a criminal offense. And there is no war between Russia and Ukraine.

Dmitry Petrov, Vadim Prusov, Andrey Shner, Saturday Vesti.


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Василию Лановому – 85

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